Peacock Glamour Stockings


* Be tempted by teal and match your vibrant technicolor 1950s eyeshadow to your seam colour!

* Unique 15 denier seamed stockings with a translucent champagne leg and turquoise / teal point heel, seam and welt

* Made from stretch nylon and elastane for ease of fit

Made in Italy, the home of traditional hosiery manufacturing


Take a look at 1950s fashion and one thing that stands out is the colour: from bright eyeshadow to vibrant dresses. Teal seamed stockings might not have been around in the 1950s, but if they had you can bet people would have worn them!

As far as we’re aware, no other hosiery manufacturer is making nylons with a turquoise teal seam so if you see anyone else wearing them give them a little nod as they’ll be fellow fans of What Katie Did.

The welt on these nylons is nice and wide which is more authentic to the 1950s and more flattering and comfortable on curvier legs

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